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5 dishes + soup

Beijing soup 酸辣汤

  • Mapo Tofu / Homestyle tofu 麻婆豆腐/家常豆腐
  • Shredded pork with garlic sauce 鱼香肉丝
  • Chicken Szechuan 四川鸡
  • friedchinese mushrooms with cabbage 小白菜
  • Wok stir-fried Chinese prawns with broccoli 芥兰大虾

Rice, fruit, tea

*Group order of at least 10 people

Option 1: Soup, 5 dishes, rice/fruit/water, NO BEEF 5菜1汤

209,00 krPris
Moms ingår

For group meals of 10 people, the 11th person enjoys free meals. And so on, but FOC does not apply to more than 2 people.

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